Monday, May 15, 2017

A Tough Week

My post tonight is short and sweet.  This past week my family lost someone special to us.  Blogging has not felt right.  I've struggled to stay focused on teaching, when my heart is elsewhere.  Tomorrow my family and I will travel 300 miles to celebrate a life that shaped my own.  Again - so hard to be a good teacher this week...

Today in class, I realized that there are only 12.5 days left of school.  So even though I am broken, I decided to come up with an activity that helps students reflect on their growth this year.  We've worked a great deal on developing a growth mindset, so I came up with a "last week of school" activity to go with those lessons, and really wrap up a great year.

I think it will be fun:

So, even in the midst of my struggles, I did get some good news.  My boss talked to me today about expanding my class room.  I hope that it goes through!  No more room that is the size of a closet! (It really was a storage closet.)  Anyway, life goes on....


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